Student Move-in

We encourage all students to ship as many of their belongings as possible for initial campus move-in. Students will not be able to drive directly to their residence hall front door. We recommend students to plan ahead and bring only what they can comfortably carry from the check in location on campus. Please pay close attention to these instructions as they have changed from previous years.

What address do I ship to?

Residential first-year students will receive their Mail Services move-in packet at their permanent address ahead of move-in. This packet includes a detailed set of instructions on move-in, package mailing tips and procedures, as well as the student's unique four digit mail code number. 

What is the purpose of the identification labels included in the Move-In Packet?

The identification labels are solely for sorting and storing items once they arrive at Tulane. They are not pre-paid shipping labels. The labels are carrier independent and do not affect shipping, delivery or shipping rates. Items received at Tulane with the enclosed bar code labels can be sorted and stored more effectively.

When can I ship my incoming student's belongings?

You can ship your student's belongings according the the shipping map times in the packet we send to students ahead of move-in. 

Does the address change after the move-in period is over?

No, the mailing address provided in the initial packet will be the student's on campus address all year. The student's mail code will remain the same from the beginning until the end of the academic year, including move-in, and will remain as  long as the student is living in campus housing. 

Will I be notified when items are delivered to my room?

Yes, the student will receive email notifications when items are delivered to their rooms. In this email will be a photo of the items delivered. You may receive multiple emails as items are delivered, do not be alarmed if all your items are not in the photo. This just means all your items have not made it to your room yet. Everything will be placed before your move in day.

Should I ship a dorm refrigerator or microwave to Tulane?

No. Every room on campus already has a Safe Plug Microfridge.

May vendors ship directly to my student?

Yes, you may have vendors ship directly to your student, provided that the address includes the student's name and four-digit mail code. For move-in items, please refer to the address sent in your packet. 

Will someone sign for my packages when they arrive at Tulane?

Tulane Mail Services signs on behalf of all on campus students for all packages from all couriers which require signature delivery.

We forgot to pack something! Is there anywhere to go shop once we arrive?

The Tulane Bookstore, located in the Lavin-Bernick Center on campus has a selection of items to outfit residence hall rooms.

You may also order items from an online vendor and have it sent to the students permanent campus address. Mail Services will receive and notify the student when and where the item is available for pickup.

If ordering from Amazon, we encourage you to order items to be shipped to one of our Amazon locker units located on campus. Items are available faster from Amazon lockers without direct personal contact.

Will someone sign for my student's packages when they arrive at Tulane?

Tulane Mail Services signs on behalf of all on campus students for all packages from all couriers which require signature delivery.

How can I get heavy boxes back to my residence hall room?

Ship all your items to arrive during the in-room delivery dates ranges listed in the mail packet. Items must be arrive during this timeframe to be eligible for in-room delivery.

What is my student's four-digit mail code?

New students living on campus will receive a packet from Mail Services at their permanent address over the summer. This packet will contain a detailed set of instructions for the move-in process, package mailing tips and procedures, as well as the student's unique four-digit mail code.

How are perishable items handled?

Perishable items are handled with the same care as all other items once they are received at Tulane Mail Services. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to refrigerate individual items. However, the mail room is a climate controlled environment. Generally, packages are available for pickup within three hours after they arrive on campus, NOT immediately after they are signed for by mail operations staff. This time is necessary for internal processing. It is the student's responsibility to pick up packages in a timely manner, both perishable and otherwise.

How do I ship my students their medication?

We recommend shipping medications through FedEx and/or UPS. These services are the fastest, most reliable, and also provide the easiest claims processing, should an issue arise. We do not recommend the USPS because the service is often subject to delays and tracking is not always accurate. Please do not ship items that are immediately required upon your arrival such as medicine or critical personal items.

Is it okay to send cash or gift cards?

No, please do not send cash, cash equivalent, or gift cards. We are not responsible for these items.

Can I use USPS delivery confirmation and insured tracking information to track my shipments?

While Mail Services receives and processes USPS delivery confirmation and insured packages on a routine basis, it has been our experience that USPS delivery confirmation and insured mail is not a consistently accurate way to track packages.

How do I ship larger items, like a bike or flat screen TV, to my student?

Larger items such as futons, sofas, recliners, mattresses, bed frames, refrigerators, microwaves, rugs larger than 5'x7', TV/Monitors over 50" are prohibited and will be refused. Bike's are acceptable although be advised the student will have to reassemble shipped Bikes themselves. We always recommend buying from a local bike shop. There are several in the area.

What should I do if items are missing or damaged?

Over the last few years, less then 1% of shipments have been damaged or lost and we continue to work to reduce that likelihood. However, if your shipment is damaged, Mail Services staff will be available on site to assist with placing a claim. Please retain all items and packaging materials until your claim is resolved. If an item shipped by another carrier is damaged, please contact Mail Services for assistance. In most cases, shipping claims must originate from the shipping location. If you encounter a missing shipment, please see a Mail Services representative or complete the search form.