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Mail Services - Warren Package Summer Pick-up Temporarily closed

All package pick up will be from Parcel Lockers in LBC or at 1301 Audubon

Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm

Saturday& Sunday - Closed


Mail Services- Uptown Department 1301 Audubon

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Mail Services-Downtown Tidewater 802

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm






Policies & Standards

Mail Services Policies

The following policies were put in place by the President’s Cabinet and govern all US mail and related activities at the university.

  1. All mail addressed to the University is the property of the University and subject to the policy and procedures of Tulane University Mail Services until such time as it is received by the intended recipient.
  2. The services of University Mail Services (both campus and external mailings) are restricted to the business of Tulane University.
  3. All interaction with the US Postal Service and other activity associated with the purchase or use of postage and/or postal services (postal permits, business reply, etc.) is subject to the oversight of Tulane University Mail Services.
  4. All addresses assigned by Tulane University Mail Services and must contain a campus mail code. All usage of university addresses, including return addresses, is subject to the oversight of Tulane University Mail Services.
  5. All initially misdelivered mail is to be returned to Tulane University Mail Services with the required forms.
  6. All mailings requiring postage must include an accurate and complete transmittal form. Mail submitted without an accurate transmittal may be delayed and/or subject to additional handling charges.
  7. Any discounts, including postal discounts, achieved by the actions of Tulane University Mail Services shall accrue to the benefit of Tulane University Mail Services. At the discretion of Tulane University Mail Services, certain volume discounts may be shared with the sending departments.
  8. Standards of performance and relationships with common carriers for freight and parcel shipping (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) are subject to the oversight of Tulane University Mail Services.
  9. Purchase and rental of Postages Meters requires Mail Services approval in addition to Material Management’s purchasing policies.

Standards for Bulk Campus Mailings/inter-office  (distribution to Tulane faculty & staff)

Bulk campus mailings: 250+ pieces

  1. All addresses should include legible name, department, and mail code
  2. Pieces should be sorted and bundled by the mail code (i.e. one bundle or envelope for all pieces going to the same mail code)
  3. Bundles should be divided by campus (i.e. Uptown, Downtown, Primate)
  4. Contact Mail Services for delivery instructions prior to delivering bundles to Mail Services