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Important message to students & shippers:

Please be sure that the recipient student's complete first and last name and mail code number appears in the address for all items sent. Items missing vital information will be subject to delays.

Please be sure that the student name and no other name appears in the address. Unidentified packages are returned to the sender if unclaimed within 5 days.

Remember Mail Services only accepts packages for students currently living in Tulane campus housing. Off campus students must make alternative arrangements for package and mail delivery. 


Mail Services -  Warren Student Package Pick-up.


Hours of operation:  Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday, September 10th, 17th, 24th-10am-2pm

If you receive a message from a third party delivery provider (UPS, USPS, AMAZON, FEDEX), this means we are processing your package but it is not yet available for pickup.

You will receive an email from tulanepackages@sclintra.com once your package has been processed and is ready for pickup.






All Students, please review the list of Prohibited Items , these include futons and other furniture over 50lbs. (items are automatically returned to the sender)


If you are looking for certain item you should have received please fill out a package tracer form we will begin a search and contact you.


Mail Services- Uptown Department Services 1301 Audubon

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Mail Services-Downtown Department Services Tidewater 802

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm

Mail Services Forms

Departmental Mail Transmittal Form

Any university department desiring mailing and shipping services provided by their campus centralized mail services center should complete this form.


Departmental Mail Code Request Form

Complete this form to request a 4-digit mail code for any department or business unit.


Departmental Package Search Inquiry Form

Complete this form if you encounter a missing shipment.


Student Mail Code (On Campus Address) Application Form

Complete this form to request a mail code assignment if you are living on campus and have not received a mail code assignment via your Tulane email address.


Student Package Search Inquiry Form

Complete this form if you encounter a missing shipment.


Student Mail Forwarding Form

All students moving off-campus should complete this form, including students taking a leave of absence or participating in a study abroad program.